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Iran , the attractive market of the future

Iran , the attractive market of the future

More than 3 decades of political and economic isolation has not negatively impacted Iran’s attractiveness as an emerging market.


Iran is a major power in international energy segment

Iran is a major power in international energy segment

Iran is a major regional and middle power, exerting considerable influence in international energy security and the world economy through its large reserves of fossil fuels.


success of our client matters more !

success of our client matters more !

Our team of experts at Sina Holding is committed to create financial success to the clients!

Vision & Mission

Human resources



Value Chain

Research & Development

We have an ambitious vision to become the first-choice Iranian provider of financial services both in the homeland and abroad. We aspire applying a systematic approach to expand our operations to cover all sorts of services in the financial realm. We seek to be a dynamic and learning organization with the main objective of creating added value for our customers, providers, and shareholders. Decency and respect are values we are committed to promote. Along with professional and social responsibilities, we focus on the core mission of exceling in our capabilities, to design and implement contemporary financial instruments along with providing convenient services, for the purpose of attaining our goals

Human resources: Every company operating in financial services business should focus mostly on strengthening its human capital as the most effectual source of success. We always maintain our endeavors to employ and retain top talents as well as to enhance their capabilities.

Internationalization: With current developments in foreign relations of the country due to nuclear deal implementation on the way, doors of access to international financial markets are opening, and we assert our strategy to benefit from this opportunity.

We, as a financial holding group, values diversity as a case for optimal providing of financial services to customers. The main strategy in this pillar is to cover all sorts of convenience for our customers in each field of activity in our business scope, so clients choose to get all their financial requirements from our side.

As for creating maximum value, we insist on providing the comprehensive set of financial services for our clients. For this purpose, we manage our subsidiaries to collaborate with each other, so they function as a unified entity supplying a wide range of insurance, banking, leasing, brokerage, and investment services.

It is of great importance for our group to apply the most up-to-date technologies of financial and investment domain. For this purpose, we have an extensive R&D department in the holding company with the main task of obtaining technological needs and helping the group to apply the latest knowledge of each field of activity.

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